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Starts, runs fine just as it should, but you will be unable to move the car. Clutch and shifter cable issue. Car is currently unlicensed and unregistered and not street legal. I am not a dealer. Car last driven in late May.

Currently located near I-75 south of Tampa about 50 miles. in the shop of a business working in the auto industry.
Only I, not their staff, show the Beetle but you can certainly talk with any staff there; but, I don't want
my car selling to have to become part of their daily business taking away from customer service. This is not how they make their money. They are doing me a favor because car will not run.

CAR SHOWING TIMES so far this week: (Hope to take pictures at later date)
Tuesday after 3:30
Anytime on Wednesday
Anytime Friday
Can set-up times as needed around my work schedule

ALL CASH BUYER -- no exceptions, no checks, no money orders. No financing. CASH for CLEAN TITLE

Approx 118,000 Miles on it (very low, I rode the bus when I lived in Portland, Oregon with the Beetle for years before moving back to my hometown)
Engine: 4-cyl, 2.0 Liter FWD
Manual 5-Speed Transmission
2-Door with Hatchback
Back seats folding down back giving lots of cargo space for a compact car
Safety Features: 4-Wheel ABS, Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag (extremely safe auto)
Rear Window Defroster, Anti-Theft Alarm and new headliner
POWER: Windows, Door, Mirrors, Steering, Driver Seat
Tilt Steering Wheel, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control
Gasoline Engine with excellent fuel economy
Black Exterior, Tan Cloth upholstery interior
Factory AM/FM/Cassette/CD Stereo with aftermarket 8 CD Magazine mounted in rear cargo
Front Bucket Seats
In-dash Flower Holder
All 4 original tan headrests
Interior Hood Release
Interval Wipers
Map Light
Remote Hatch Release
Remote Fuel Door
Trip Odometer
Lighted Sun visors with Vanity Mirror(s)
Smoke Free Automobile
60% Tread Life remains on tires
Alloy rims with covers

In-dash Navigation
Leather Interior
mp3 radio connection
no Owner's Manual

Haynes Guide
BRAND NEW HEADLINER -- less than 5 months old
Front Brakes are less than 1,000 miles old
Extra headlight (never opened---but you know with running daylights they go out a lot)
Extra 1998 Black matching painted hood ready to be installed because current hood has a dent
OEM extra felt for interior cargo space should you remove CD magazine so no hole will be there
Maintenance records on Beetle dating back to 2006 at time of my purchase
Timing Belt and Water Pump replaced at 89,000 miles
Other misc parts.
Original spare, jack and lug wrench
Original Tow loop which screws into front bumper for towing

I am selling the car because I moved out east of Sarasota and bought another vehicle more suited for a rural lifestyle. In the process of getting the car ready to sell, 3 mechanical challenges happened and now I must take a loss on what I thought the car is worth. I priced the vehicle based on
the FAIR rating of Kelley Blue Book which is $3,000, deducting $1800 for repairs.

Here is there KBB criteria and info related to the Beetle:

Has some cosmetic defects that require repairing and/or replacing
Hood has dent in it and front fender has 2" area needing cosmetic repair
(neither of these affect daily driving and it has been this way since April 2011

Requires some mechanical repairs

Check engine light is on for #3 Cylinder misfire and Intake sensor malfunction.
The shifter cable has snapped and needs to be replaced.
The clutch will need to be repaired.
Radiator system needs attention now that summer is here -- again see paperwork
I have paperwork fromn Local authorized VW mechanic showing repair overview

The paint and bodywork may require refinishing and body repair
Clear coat beginning to lift around license plate. Car is shiny and jet black. No fading.
I have applied NuFinish to this car twice annually, with regular scrubbling of brake dust on
tires and attention to interior detailing also.
Paint job in darn good shape for 15 year old car
Hood has dent and front fender is smashed in.

The engine compartment has leaks and may require repairs

May have some repairable rust damage
The car has been in Portland, Oregon away from the salt water.
It has been in Florida about a year and to my knowledge has no salt damage
I regularly washed this vehicle.

The body has dents, chips, and/or scratches
15 year old vehicle is no cherry and comes with rock pings and typical small scratches.
For car of this age, this one look just fine. Do not expect a perfect body when inspecting this car.

The interior has substantial wear, and may have small tears
Seats have some water stains and back seat bench has had a beach towel over it the past 3 years.
Water stain and use has it showing a bit of wear and tear. No holes, no rips, no tears anywhere
in the seating areas. One headrest has a tear in it.

Wheels may be warped or bent, have major scratches, scrapes, or pitting and require replacement
My wheels are fine and go round and round just fine.
I have had this car on a free alignment package with Tire Kingdom and they get aligned about every 3-4 months.
The iconic company emblem of a couple of my wheel center caps have been stolen. This is a common
occurrence given they are a round "VW" trademark emblem.

The tires may not match and need replacing.
This is not true. All tires match and are Kuhmo meeting the specifications for this vehicle.

Needs servicing, but is still in reasonable running condition with a clean title history.
Very true. Runs, won't move. Needs cylinder misfire corrected.

A few service records are available.
Negative. Annual detailed files of the work performed on this Beetle are available for review and will go with sale of car.

I will consider offers but asking price is $1200. Contact Lisa at 941-228-1908. I check voice mail
twice a day and will respond. Morning appts might be possible if pre-arranged.

Keyword: beetle, volkswagon, VW, eco, economy, fuel, great gas mileage, classic, bug, punchbuggy, earth friendly, save money on fuel, cheap to run.

This is my 5th VW. I have owned mostly campers (Westphalia and tried to buy one for my new commute but soon......) This is the solid, sturdy nice rigid frame that will keep you safe if you are in an accident or roll it. I have learned that VW, in order to get better fuel economy, went with a less rigid metal for the outer shell and as such, u are less protected than by this sturdier more thick version. Two people I know rolled their Beetles and walked away unscatched.....
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