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Funfest- Effingham, Il June 7-8

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Mid-America Motorworks Funfest for Beetles

This has historically been an air-cooled event, but beginning last year, MAM added a water-cooled section. I missed out in 2013, but I'm planning to check it out this time. I suspect that the water-cooled part will be mostly your typical young crowd with their modded Jettas, Golfs, GTIs, R32s, etc, but it would be great to see a ton of NBs/12+ Beetles crash it! I'm going in hopes of seeing the latter.

Your presence in a water Beetle can make this happen. We need to show companies like Mid-America that NBs and 21st Century Beetles are a continuation of an iconic nameplate and just as relevant as the old-school air-cooleds!
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I must say I was quite disappointed with Mid-America Motorworks' alleged "new" water-cooled section. In short, nothing whatsoever changed. I took a 1000-mile round trip in 36 hours or so to see exactly 14 water-cooled Beetles scattered randomly among a sea of 300-400 air-cooled VWs. Of the 14 that were there, half left after about 2 hours. Don't get me wrong here; This is a great show for air-cooled enthusiasts, but IMO, there is nothing here for the modern-day Beetle enthusiast, and I believe 2014 will mark my last Funfest unless or until MAM decides to carry aftermarket parts for NBs like they did in the early 2000s. I can no longer support a company that all but ignores the fact that Beetles have evolved, and that EVERY type of Beetle enthusiast, old-school or 1998+, should be accomodated.
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