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hate the crayon smell!

I bought my 01 GLS new in 2001 then got hit head on and thus totaled. The totaled one never smelled like anything but 'new car.' I had to take what was left of the 01 model year and the one I got smells like crayon. I C A N ' T S T A N D I T! I know, I know, why do i still own it if I hate it that much. Because its paid off and it gets great gas mileage. Oh, and its cute!
Anyway, its smelled like it from day 1. Its like bar smell, If I drive the car, I smell like it for the rest of the day. I've heard some people say its the firewall and other say its the lubricant they use for the seats rails, and even the insulation under the carpet. I almost dread summer because it becomes that much worse. If replacing the seats got rid of it, mabye I'll try that
For all of those who wish their car had it...let me tell you...you really don't. Its not just a mild aroma, everything in the car smells like it. Until its either washed or hung out in fresh air. Gym clothes, pets, homework, backpacks...you name it. Very, very, very annoying. The other important thing to note is that it doesn't come from the vents. It doesn't matter if you have the heater or the a/c on. Its always there.

...ok, ill step off my soapbox now... ;-)

if anyone knows a fix, I'd love to hear it!
1 - 1 of 55 Posts
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