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Fuse Chart

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I've just brought a '14 R-Line Convertible and had a need to find a certain fuse. The owner's manual does not show where any fuse for a specific purpose is!

I had to go to the dealer to find out where the low headlight fuse was. There's no excuse for that other than to force you to go to the dealer!

Does anyone know of a fuse chart/locator for the '14 Bee?
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Let me see if I can pull one up at work tomorrow. If I can, I will post it on the thread.
fuse chart

Thanks Techno, would be a handy piece of info to have. Bob
Hey Bob, please confirm the engine designation for me. Is it a 2.0l turbo, and if so, does it have an engine code (AWE,AWV, ETC).

fuse chart

Whaz up Techno, thanks for getting back so quick. As far as I can make out on the messy printed vehicle sticker, it looks like CPP or CPPA. Hope this helps. Thanks friend. Ride On !
Hello Techno, Do you need any other info? Thanks. Bob
Sorry for the delay Bob, I put all of the Fuse information into a single PDF file which I have attached.

Hope this helps...


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Thanks Techno, the info will be nice to have. I'm going to install an 18W LED light under the rear license plate so I have a real bright light to see when backing down my long drive at night.
To make it cop friendly, I'm going to interlock the power so the LED will only come on with the taillights on and the car in reverse, so I'm not flashing the reverse LED in the day light every time I back up. Thanks again. Bob
VERY HELPFUL - and a question

Thanks for the fuse chart saved it to my phone in case I ever need to rescue my daughter.

(Like I did today.)

Her new beetle has a good strong battery, and when I sit in it and turn the key to on, everything powers up fine. When I turn the ignition switch to start it kills everything.

Nothing causes the car accessories to come on again, except.....


bad ignition switch? burnt wire? I'm thinking something's loose...
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Sorry for the delay Bob, I put all of the Fuse information into a single PDF file which I have attached.


Hope this helps...
Thanks for the fuse block map. I am having to deal with finding the fuse for a 2015 Beetle 12V accessory / cigarette lighter outlet. Your PDF is the closest I have found so far to providing real assistance.

I find that fact that this diagram is not included in the 2015 Beetle Owner's Manual a serious issue on the part of Volkswagen engineering documentation. The VW folks are basically telling the DIY / self-assist people to guess. Not only for the fuse position purpose, but also the fuse value proper for the fuse position. Also interesting was the fact that 3 local SF bay area service departments could not locate the same diagram in their shop service manuals. One of them being Serramonte VW, 711 Serramonte Blvd, Colma, CA‎, Service: 800-943-6307. But then, neither could corporate VW customer service at 800-428-4034 or their chat link on the main web sight (https://go.activengage.com/s/sites/static/chat?d=www.vw.com

Most every other brand on the planet includes this basic information in the owner's manuals of their cars.

Another note. The 2015 Beetle seems to have an engineering defect in the way the interior fuse block SC is partially obscured from direct vertical fuses access. While it is not as bad as I have seen in some other cars, access it ll blocked from proper fuse extraction in the standard method of pulling a fuse out in a perpendicular way. Some pics below.

2015 Beetle Fuse block SC pictures directly from above. Right side bracket partially blocks access:

2015 Beetle Fuse block SC picture of angle showing the block and right side portion:

Other pics:
2015 Beetle Fuse block SA i SB pictures Cover On and off.

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Hi! My first time here. I’m trying to check the fuse for my 12v outlets(front and back) since they are not functioning. As you stated there is no fuse chart in manual. Could you help me by confirming which location it is in the interior box?
Never mind! I figured it out!! Thanks to the PDF!
Sorry for the delay Bob, I put all of the Fuse information into a single PDF file which I have attached.

Hope this helps...
Which fuse is for the 2015 beetle low beam? And which fuse box and place. I don’t understand this.
which fuse is for the gasoline pump for a 2013 beetle turbo 2.0?
Thank you TechnoTrix'd for the Fuse .pdf. Little hard to read in a printout. But I found what I wanted. My 2018 VW Beetle S. The cigarette plug in the front and back have never worked. I am going now to pull the fuse to see if it is blown. Wish me luck.
Working on a 08 bug no power to stereo fuse maybe which one?Thanks
2013 Convertible passenger side blinker not working is there a fuse/relay that separates from the drivers side that would cause it not to work??
Hey did you ever find answer to turning ignition switch on and it killing all power
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