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getting a few more waves!

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well, i've had curby about seven months now and have been waving to other NB drivers since month two. 99% of the time, no one waves back, but a few weeks ago, i had a lady in a CG NB wave to me, FIRST! i was so excited!

today, i had TWO people in beetles (one old and one new) wave back to me and it was sooooo nice. kinda brightens my day. now i just gotta get them on the .org...

maybe all those people i've waved to in the past are starting to lighten up and wave back. score!
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Toad said:
Yup, I barely get any waves. Although i do get alot of waves from old beetle drivers, but thats a rare sight nowadays.
i've seen maybe two old beetles on the road in the past 7 months here. they really are a rare sight. and someday, i will own one.. :D
kcfoxie said:
We were in my bf's Xterra and I saw a baltik blue with roofrack pull into the parking lot we were waiting to turn left from. I leaned over him and waved at her, she almost rear ended the Audi infront of her glaring at me as if to say "why are you paying me attention mortal fool??"
yeah, i've gotten that look before. i never wave at other NBs when i am not driving mine. it's bad enough my friends and family think i am a loon for waving to people driving the same car as me, so i try to make it as justifiable as possible.
Porkchop said:
It's only been 7 months? It seems so much longer... :)

Congrats on the wavage!
thanks! hard to believe it's only seven months. i feel like i've had him longer. i wish i'd had him from the beginning, so i could have enjoyed him before all the cosmetic damage. ah, dare to dream.
I figure that so long as we continue to wave people will eventually catch on???:)
i keep hoping! ;)
i still wave and wave and wave. and almost no one waves back, but when someone does, it's totally worth it! :D
i saw an awesome olive green-ish OB at a stoplight at lunch today. i kept pointing at it and when she drove by, i waved and she waved back! rock on! :cool:
i was driving next to a curby-look-a-like today and the woman driving and caught up to me, both looked over and were waving! i got a tear in my eye! :p i love it!

i have found a few tips that might ensure a wave back:

1) wave early. give the other NB a chance to see you instead of waving the second you pass each other.
2) if possible, stick your hand outside the car and wave.
3) wave frantically! nothing says "hell-o stranger!" like a spastic arm waving about your car. big waves = higher change of recognition.
4) wave often. your chances of getting a wave back increase if you wave more often. who knows, it might start catching on!

1 - 8 of 39 Posts
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