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getting a few more waves!

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well, i've had curby about seven months now and have been waving to other NB drivers since month two. 99% of the time, no one waves back, but a few weeks ago, i had a lady in a CG NB wave to me, FIRST! i was so excited!

today, i had TWO people in beetles (one old and one new) wave back to me and it was sooooo nice. kinda brightens my day. now i just gotta get them on the .org...

maybe all those people i've waved to in the past are starting to lighten up and wave back. score!
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GGKauten said:
Man you are lucky. I am in a college town and whenever I wave to any NB owners (predominantly females) they give me odd looks like I am trying to pick them up while driving down opposite sides of the road.

Never give up! Never surrender!

(and hey maybe I will pick one of them up at some point! haha)
We were in my bf's Xterra and I saw a baltik blue with roofrack pull into the parking lot we were waiting to turn left from. I leaned over him and waved at her, she almost rear ended the Audi infront of her glaring at me as if to say "why are you paying me attention mortal fool??"


However, the green bugs *usually* wave back. Unless they are snotty Meredith College girls who just don't care... tho leaving their campus after recording Figaro yesterday some girls WALKING around campus waved at me!
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