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getting a few more waves!

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well, i've had curby about seven months now and have been waving to other NB drivers since month two. 99% of the time, no one waves back, but a few weeks ago, i had a lady in a CG NB wave to me, FIRST! i was so excited!

today, i had TWO people in beetles (one old and one new) wave back to me and it was sooooo nice. kinda brightens my day. now i just gotta get them on the .org...

maybe all those people i've waved to in the past are starting to lighten up and wave back. score!
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We had a few waves when driving back from the VW show this weekend - I'm often too scared to wave at the older bugs round here, as lots of them are 'air cooled snobs' but we were so hyped up after looking at all the cool cars we just waved and beeped at every VW we saw.

One of them - in a yellow new beetle waved, but with his thumb stuck to his nose... wasn't sure whether to be offended or laugh! (So I laughed :p)
I figure that so long as we continue to wave people will eventually catch on???:)
Ha - I got really grumped at this morning for waving - "what's the point - no one ever waves back - people will get the wrong idea..."

What wrong idea??? I said I don't care - I'd carry on waving till they did wave back :rolleyes:
captbp said:
It must be the traffic has them all one step shy of road rage ;)
Aww! How can you have road rage, or even be in a bad mood when you're driving a NB?! :p
1 - 3 of 39 Posts
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