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getting a few more waves!

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well, i've had curby about seven months now and have been waving to other NB drivers since month two. 99% of the time, no one waves back, but a few weeks ago, i had a lady in a CG NB wave to me, FIRST! i was so excited!

today, i had TWO people in beetles (one old and one new) wave back to me and it was sooooo nice. kinda brightens my day. now i just gotta get them on the .org...

maybe all those people i've waved to in the past are starting to lighten up and wave back. score!
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It had been a while since I got waves.

I've been having problems at work and on my drive home at the end of the week, I was just feeling really down. Then coming towards me is a black NB, and the guy driving gives a wave!!

At that moment everything else I was thinking about just was gone and I couldn't help but :D and wave back. It just really made my day!
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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