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Getting codes p0722 and p0730

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Hey I'm getting those 2 codes on my 2002 beetle 4 speed auto trans. The p 0722 is for the output speed sensor and the p0730 is for something ratio I forgot. But my question is how does the speed sensor look and where it is at located in the car. And for the p0730 how can I fix that. Thanks guys in advance for any info u can give me
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17114/P0730/001840 - Ross-Tech Wiki

P0722 Volkswagen Output Speed Sensor No Signal OBDII Engine Light Trouble Code | Engine-Codes.com

The sensor; based upon the code seems to be the "G68 Output speed sensor".

With the 4 speed auto; i would assume you have the 01M. Here are the sensor locations (note: there are 3 different sensors: look for the "G68 Output speed sensor" location):

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So the 01m is the sensor that I need?
01M is the transmission code for 4 speed auto-transmission
I'm going to try to install the speed sensor tomorrow. I hope I bought the right one. It's long and has to ends on it. Do u know where u can find basically a diy section where it tells me wat to do?
So I changed the output speed sensor "g68" on the beetle but still get code p0722. Do u know why that could b ? Can it b the transmission speed sensor g38 ?
This thread; is interesting as it says there are TSB's about this issue and new wiring harnesses are discussed as a possible solution. Read for more info:


I guess doing some testing of the wiring; sounds like a good idea and I'm wondering if the drive gear is ok (does the speedo and cruise still work)?

Technical Bulletin: 2009-12-21_051554_Bettle_G68_TB.pdf

Automatic (01M)


Customer States MIL ON, DTC 00281 Road Speed Sender -G68- Stored in TCM DTC Memory

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