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The time has come to get rid of Ivy... I'm going to be getting a CC... So the extras have to go and I need the stock stuff to put the car back to stock before I get rid of it.... (i.e. If you get the headliner.... I need yours)

18 inch Pink Mesh wheels with a polished lip wrapped in 225/40/18 tires with 90% tread - $600
Headliner wrapped in Pink argyle with sunroof shade - $150
Door panels with pink tops and black bottoms wrapped with pink argyle (just fronts, could use some work) - $150
Mk4 Racelands Coilovers (less than 5,000 miles on them) - $300
Pink/Black Joey modded headlights with Cool White Angry Eyes painted on them - $100
Hitachi Coil packs (4) - $150
Pink interior pieces for the Beetle (i.e. Dash, oh **** bar side pieces, steering wheel spokes, speedometer housing) - $100
H1 HIDS ( I forgot the exact temperature but they are blue) - $80
Forge Splitter DV - $80
3 Inch down pipe - $80

lol THE SPOILERRRRRR! ( pink of course) - $150

also have front and rear turbo s Votex bumpers and the front is 99% shaved... -- MAKE AN OFFER.

I might be forgetting some stuff... but just ask if you have any questions
and there are pics of everything throughout my albums as well.

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Pics of the Bumpers and price please.

This chick drives a stick
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Aww hate to see Ivy go. Probie is gonna be so upset....:( I don't know how to break it to him.

Good luck with the sale. Sorry she couldn't be perfect for ya.
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