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GINA - Pepper the 2000 red 1.8T

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Here's Pepper, 2000 1.8T. First pic is how he ended up, and the others are from Nov05

GIAC X+ chip
Forge DV
Neuspeed P-flo intake
Vibrant cat-back exhaust
Samco red silicone vacuum hoses
Rear engine bay weather stripping delete
ABD lower IC pipe
ECS Stage 1 clutch kit (14lb flywheel, VR6 clutch)
Apex Tuning silicone throttle body hose
Painted engine cover, washer fluid cap, and coolant cap
Snowbox removal

Autotech ClubSport Stage 1 suspension
18" ASA AR2 wheels with VW center caps
Dunlop SP Sport FM901 tires
BFI Lower Front Tie Bar

Mintex Red Box brake pads
ATE PremiumOne Orbital Slotted rotors
Red painted calipers

Exterior Mods
Caractere rear spoiler
TVA front splitters
Clear corner lenses with Silverstar bulbs
Red/clear OEM looking taillights with Silverstars
Red vinyl emblem insert on rear
Fog light grilles
Turbo emblem
Blacked out fog bar
S2000 antenna
Bosch Icon wiper blades
Glossy black roof
Black joey-modded headlights
ATS sideskirts
Hood with shaved emblem and molded Bernt wipercowl

Interior Mods
Pioneer DEH-P6700MP headunit
50% tint all around
Red grab handle ends and speedometer ends
TT racing pedals
Custom NB dead pedal
Red accents around knobs
Saratoga Saddlebag
Euro switch
Dimpled aluminum steering wheel spokes
Turbo S style shift knob (5 speed)
Black shift boot w/ silver stitching
Red/black sport seats
Red/black door panels
Turbo S doorpins
TT side vents
Black panels
Brushed aluminum door handles

2006 Season Awards
Spring Show n Go: 2nd place
Waterama: 1st place
Summer Sizzle: 3rd place
H2O: 2nd place
Fall Show n Go: 1st place

2007 Season Awards
Farmington: 1st place
Spring Show n Go: 3rd place
Volksfest 07: 1st place
Dubs on the Lake: 2nd place
VAG Fair: 1st place
VW SuperJam: 1st place
H20: 3rd place

2008 Season Awards
Spring Show n Go: 1st place
Waterama: 1st place
Waterfest: 2nd place
H20: 1st place

2009 Season Awards
Spring Show n Go: 3rd place
Dubs at the Beach: 1st place
VW June Bug: 1st place
Waterfest: 3rd place


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Here's also a pic of the deer collision from 2 months ago. Hit the thing at around 60-70mph, the trooper said I was really lucky!


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I looked outside and saw a great sunset with pink and blue sky, so I snatched the camera and tried to capture the moment in the reflection of my just-washed hood. 65 degrees today wow!


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Just bought some red/clear OEM looking tailights :) They should be in by Wednesday, I can't wait! I'll take some installation pics too, just for fun. Too bad they won't be here for the GTG over the weekend
Here are some install pics, one that particularly shows my frustration :D I really love these tails though <3
Those are marvins_dad's instructions on my trunk shelf there (thanks!!) and the plunger for stubborn lights in the trunk hehe


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one more..


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I love it! Great color!:D
Great job on the install. The new tails look great.:) :)

:) Great job, the tails look Great!!

John K.
Thanks guys :) The pics don't really do it justice, they look much nicer and sleeker in real life! We'll see how well I did the installation after this weekend with all the rain/snow/ice. If there's no condensation in there, I'll be a happy camper.
Your beetle is really comming along looks good. :D
front and back pics of the vinyl emblem inserts


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The inserts look really good. VW should do this to their cars from the factory.
Thanks guys, I think it looks great with the inserts. I don't know why it's not factory either, but for the $7 I paid, it was def worth it.

Auusie Bug, I bet you can't wait to get your bug back, I saw those crash pics! ouch. I'm guessing that red Supra back there is yours? Very nice looking!
I'm suprised VW didn't bring out colour matched badges on the colour concept bugs. Where did you get your inserts from?

Its been 4 months, 7 days and about 6 hours (not that I'm counting :p ) Thanks! Yeah, its my husband's baby.
Wow, that's a long time. My mom had an accident a while back in her BMW, some truck hit her whole driver side trying to change lanes. Her car was gone for months and months also. Sucks!

I bought my inserts from Slug (the sticker guy) for about $7, any color you want, front and back. The back ones were a little big, I just trimmed them down with a blade. I really dig the look though.
Pepper is looking awesome Gina! :bigthumb: I love those red/clear tails! I want a pair. Love the inserts also. I think I just might get me some. :D
Were they $7 all together for front and back?
Thank you thank you!

Yeah they were 7 bux for the front and back. Not bad!
i know that place

hey what park is that in first shot. just wondering because i know ive been there! by the way nice car gina
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