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Ok, I wanted to know what is really the difference in a GL and GLS besides sporty. I know that it's a dumb question but it always made me think what the difference was. I had a GLS at one point and now I have GLX which is turbo. I just never knew what was different on GL and GLS. what different kind of features do they have? I have a friend that was wondering the same thing to and I was trying to think of the differences besides sport. any help I would appericate it.

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Well , heres what i know , The GL's( hardtops) had manual windows, no foglights, Factory Steelies with hubcaps , and you could ( I believe) ONly get a 2.0L or a TDI no sunroof either basicly a strip down bug :) still fun though , GL Verts , Manual Top :D, steelies with hubcaps, no fog lights , leatherette . The 98 I had was a GLS , basicly had everything but leather sunroof and alloy wheels . hope this helps you some :)

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Yeah, the GLs did had less features. Up until '03, I believe, it was just the 2.0 engine (could you get a TDI in a GL?). But then they added the TDI and 1.8t in or around '03.

I also believe you couldn't get leather, heated seats, or sunroof, with a GL.

It still had lots of features though. More than on most base models.

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TDIs did come in GLs, I drove a 2002 GL TDI trade in. It had Power Windows, however, where my 02 GL 2.0 has manual (my preference).

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OK, here goes:

1999-2002 GL had:
manual windows
power locks/mirrors
cloth interior
no sunroof
steel wheels

they were available in the TDI as well as the 2.0, and word is the 2002.5-2004 GL was available in the 1.8T as well.

2003-up GL has:
power windows
power locks
power mirrors
cloth or vinyl
2.0, 1.8 or TDI (2005 is 2.0 only)

1999-2002 GLS has:
power everything
optional roof
optional ass warmers
optional alloys (standard for 2002)
fog lights
all engine choices available
all upholestery choices available
optional Monsoon

2002.5 GLS has:
standard roof
standard alloys
standard Monsoon

GLX has:
standard 1.8T
standard 16" or 17" alloys (2001.5-up on the 17s)
standard roof
standard CWP
standard leather
...basically, it's loaded and the only options besides the AT were dealer accessories.

can someone PLEASE make a trim-level thread and sticky it???

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