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Hello, I am new here but was lurking on the forums for a few months now.

I finally found the perfect first car on craigslist for me. I have always loved Beetles and grew up in them and drove a few models that my parents have had. They are fun little cars and get a lot of attention. I always wanted a faster car or a modded beetle but knew I had to find the one. I finally found a 2002 Turbo S Beetle with only 72k miles in excellent condition for a steal with only a few minor mechanical issues causing stalling due to rotten vacuum and breather hoses. I ended up getting the car fixed up and it was fast but not fast enough :laugh:. Anyways I decided the first step was a few minor mods like an upgraded DV and catless DP. I decided tuning was next.

I know a lot of people are either really happy or really pissed with Gonzo Tuning / GTS Performance because of their lack of response and customer support. I decided to take the risk and just do it and worst comes to worst I am in good standing with my credit card company for about 5 years and would just chargeback if there was an issue. I wanted to spend as little as possible for the most gains while also trying to keep it reasonable and not try to blow up my engine or turbo. I also wanted to save as much gas as possible and stage 2 with the larger fuel pump as well as the info from Gonzo didn't seem like that was a great option for an extra $100 plus the parts $60 plus the extra gas and added risk of blowing an engine or turbo. I also went with Gonzo because I wanted the pops and crackles and 2 step is always appreciated especially at the car shows :laugh:yes I know 2 step is a bit extreme :laugh: but if I use it I know the risk. I emailed and asked a lot of questions beforehand and the responses were always quick 12 hours or less.

I decided to got with the Stage 1 - AWW/AUM/AWP tune with the following options
- Adjustable Launch Control: Hard with 2 Step and Antilag
- Program Switching: Stock / Tuned + Selected Addons
- Remote Tuning
- Cat delete/Test pipe
- Pops and Bangs
- Hard Cut Rev Limiter

I placed my order on 04/29/2020 and was promised the remote tune would ship the same day. Well, it didn't, and I had to send about 5 emails and messages to them to finally get the tracking number to see it shipped on 05/02/2020 and I received it on 05/04/2020. I was satisfied with the tracking number as I didn't have to worry about that step anymore. When I got the cord it was very odd as it did not include any info or directions on what to do. I emailed and messaged and got a response the next day 05/05/2020 to text his google voice number. I never got a response and sent multiple messages and emails. It was on 05/11/2020 at like 3 am that I finally got a response from him which I happened to be awake for. He guided me through all of the steps and uploaded my tune and helped me set everything up and was super friendly. It was super weird to be up at that time working on my car in my driveway and was very sketchy driving around at like 4-5 am trying to get everything like tune switching and launch control and pops and crackles working. I also had another boost leak that I rigged back together in the middle of this to get it working. The guy is definitely a night owl as I only ever got responses on email, messenger, and the phone at night from 10 pm to 5 am.

Overall the car is amazingly fast now considering its a mostly stock car with just a tune. Before the tune, the car ran about 8 psi with spikes to 10 psi. With the tune, I get about 18 psi and spikes to 19-20 psi and tapers back to 15 or so before redline. I know the car was in the mid 6's without the tune and is now definitely a very low 5's. I love the boost by gear as the first gear does not need any more boost as it could already spin the tires all the way down the road. The second gear and up is crazy. With the higher rev limiter and increased boost and tune overall it is easy to do a 0-60 without the need to shift into 3 as second has power all the way till rev limiter. It is very easy to go way too fast now with just a little bit of gas :laugh:. The car also seems to build boost much faster and is super responsive when I floor it.

The pops and bangs are quiet and are only noticeable if you downshift to over 5k rpm. I have a stock muffler which I am removing this week and going pretty much straight pipe with a straight-through muffler. The 2 step is crazy at just 3500-4500 rpm but not super loud and does actually manage to shoot tiny flames only visible at night from under the car as the stock exhaust tips on the stock muffler are open under the car. I hope both of these will be fixed and louder as the new pipe will be welded and stick out the back with a straight-through muffler.

Had a few people with other VW's with tunes check it out and Stage 1 from Gonzo with my car on 93 blows most of their stage 2's away which is guess is why Gonzo is so recognized. Defiantly the most aggressive tune out there.

Overall so far so good and I would recommend him to anyone who is patient and can wait and take the risk.

I can't wait to test out the car more to see if the improved MPG economy is really there if I don't push the fun button all the time and if the vehicle speed limiter is removed. Not many places around me where I can do 130+ I know I hit 110 before the tune but I was out of closed-course road. Maybe with the tune, I could hit 130+ quicker in the same amount of road I guess but I am not sure I want to try.
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