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It seems our salvage yard Beetle didn't quite have the correct fog light for the right side of the car. We finally got around to changing out the exhaust resonator. (what a PITA)

So anywho..we get to the front fog light...and it's got the usual "I drove to hard into a curb and crunched the rear/side to pieces" bit. Been annoying me to no end, because it's busted and full of crapola.

So we pulled it and went to install the used one. Big Surprise!! The mounts must have changed over the year(s). The replacement one has the upper plastic mounts about 2 1/2 inch apart. The lower mount was snapped off, but was modified for a small screw and a washer to go into the grill. (no big deal) Our 2001 Beetle? The upper mounts are a good 4" apart and there is no physical way to 'modify' things to fit.

So if anyone wants a cheap passenger/right side fog light with a minor mount issue on the lower end, but intact upper mounts? Please let me know. The case appears to be fine--a bit of a spider web inside--so I think a bugger went up the drain/vent tube and setup housekeeping.

Anyone in the area need it for a few buckers? Just drop me a line..and be patient. (This is the first day off I've had in a long while......)


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