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Got the PO715 and PO720 engine codes Help

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New to the Forum. I have a 2004 NB turbo convertible with 6 speed automatic. I got the dreaded Po715 and Po720 Turbine speed sensor for the transmission. I can not for the life of me locate this sensor. I'am in the process of replacing engine mounts and have the transmission mount off. But still unable to locate, Its not by the oil filter that I can see.Or under tranny mount. I have a couple of pics that i will try to upload.
Maybe someone with a similar issue can advise.

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Vehicle speed sensor? I had a pic but didnt come out to good. Everyone says it on top of the tranny but really the easiest way to get to it is from underneath. Put your car up on those wheel blocks, then crawl under your car from the front and locate the first small heat shield over a sensor... That isn't it. Keep looking toward the back of the engine ( while still underneath it) till you find the second one. Unbutton the heat Shield and you will have your speed sensor. Replace it, put the shield back on and you are set. (sensor is toward the middle of the car on the tranny)
Maybe this will help.

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Sorry to tell you, no need to go through all the bologna.. It's under the car...

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Hey, thanks for the reply I will crawl under tomorrow . I guess I have been looking in the wrong place. Any chance you have any pics of its location to guide?
Thank you for your input!!

Well, I repaired/replaced the ABS/Speed sensor pigtail on the driver's side which cleared the ABS warning light on the instrument cluster...but the P0720 code persists even after using vagcom diagnostic and clearing codes...

17104 - Transmission Output Sensor (G195)
P0720 - 012 - Circuit Malfunction
P1624 - 35 - 10 - Intermittent

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