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Well, when my Mom turned 70 she decided to buy herself a brand new 1999 Beetle ( Grandma was never the same :) ).

My mom had a stroke about 6 months ago and while she's fine - sadly - she can longer drive. So, she surprised my daughter by giving her Grandma's 99 Beetle for her 17th birthday. My daughter's been in 7th heaven ever since ( and the envy of her friends I might add ) and she now drives her grandma all over town whenever she can.

Anyway, with March Break coming up, I was hoping that while my daughter is away I might surprise her by figuring a way to get a better ' cup holder center console / armrest ' installed for her.

I found this amazing forum and noticed that this issue of replacing the center console / armrest is anything but new.

That said, I have no clue about how to go about the proper way of not only finding / ordering a new console ( i.e what year console is best ? ) but getting it installed ( as I have ' 0 ' mechanical skills :eek: ).

Thought I'd post a new thread asking for some console / armrest guidance but not sure which is the best forum in which to post it - the ' STYLING FORUM ' or the ' TECHNICAL FORUM ' ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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