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Hello, everyone.

About a year ago I purchased Poppy, a 2000 silver 2.0 automatic NB. She had 145,000 km on her and I have since added approximately 5,000 km more to her odometer.

I am the second owner - the first owner was an expat lady who loved her bug but knew diddly squat about cars. So despite the relatively forgiving local weather (summers are hot, but for the most part it's beautiful and dry here), Poppy has been very neglected (not many local garages can perform Beetle magic).

So for the past 10 months, I have been lurking on here, and slowly working on getting my beloved bug ship shape again. She's a work in progress, but I love her to bits, and seeing her (let alone driving her) never fails to put a smile on my face.

I'm not sure of the exact color name or trim level, since in the Middle East the VIN leaves those codes factory undefined, but she was pure stock.

The method to my madness was to service her so she's safe to drive, and to then upkeep stuff under the hood/car (including good fuel and fluids, etc.) while working/modding my way "in". At the moment, her exterior is nearly to my liking... and once the cool weather returns in the fall, I'll tackle the interior.

The attached picture was taken the afternoon I brought Poppy home. I'll post current pictures once the exterior is finished.

So far, ECS has provided my bug with:

- ECS Ultimate Timing Belt Kit
- Bumper Tow Hook Cover (front)
- Front Wiper Blade Set
- Charcoal Lined Cabin Filter / Fresh Air Filter
- Outer Tie Rod Ends
- Rear Hatch Struts
- Inner CV boot Kit
- Accessory Belt Tensioner Assembly
- Antenna Seal Kit
- Tensioner Hardware Kit
- Tie Rod Jam Nut Kit
- Outer CV boot Kit
- 50mm Billet Aluminum Antenna (red)
- Tail Light Assembly (left)
- License Plate Light (left)
- "VW" Emblems (front and back)
- License Plate Light Frame (left)
- Ball Seat Wheel Bolts
- General Purpose Relay
- Dogbone Mount
- Fog Light Assembly (right and left)
- Lower Grill Trim
- Beetle Fog Trim
- Lower Fog Grill
- European Headlight Switch (chrome trim)
- A/C Receiver/Drier
- Engine/Transmission Mounts (right and left)
- Performance Polyurethane Dogbone Mount Bushing (street)
- Expansion Valve Replacement Kit
- 15" Wheel Nation Dubai wheels
- Hankook A/T tires
- chrome valve caps
- rear brake rotors
- all break pads
- painted flat red: break calipers, gas-tank cap cover, antenna, side mirror hinges, rear tow hook, front tow hook cover, front fog-light grill

Waiting for the current dust-storm to pass for:

- new windshield
- paint touch-up and polish
- red flowers vinyl decals

I have done all work myself, with the exception of anything requiring the bug to be properly lifted or specialized equipment (such as A/C gas lol).

Thanks to everyone on this site for spreading the NB love and making it possible for nooby girls like myself to tinker with their cars. :p


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Thank you for adopting this Bug! You are JUST what she needed! :clap:

Please start a thread in the Photo forum, and add any and all new pics, progress especially, there, so everything is in one place.

Welcome to the Org, :wave2: and Welcome to the New Beetle! :party:
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