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Greetings all, Great site. Poked around before my purchase ('99 GLS, 2L, 5-spd) and, of course, since.
Problem though. When I test drove the NB it was -7 F, so I didn't fully roll (power) down the windows. For some reason, I did check the p. sunroof though (priorities I guess). Anyway, the driver's window stops at half down (half up for you optimists). I've ordered a Clymer's but don't have it yet. Anyone have instructions for door panel removal? I can handle the mechanics after that, but I hate to start ripping on door panels without knowing where and how many plugs are holding it.
Thanks in advance. jjl

PS First Beetle and I'm loving it Jerry!
PSS It got up to 15 F so I need that window operative!
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