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I just need to vent, don't mind me :)

So.. if it's not bad enough that I have subjected myself to the process of buying a house -- which includes finding the home, getting the bank to give me a mortgage, working with the bank to select an attorney, waiting on the home inspector who never showed and wasted a day off work, have the home inspected the following day at a discounted rate, argueing with the seller over the issues in the home inspection report but ultimately winning in respect that he will fix the sagging beam in the living room....

My W2 gets messed up by my employer and now I have to REFILE! JOY!

Oh, wait, theres more: I have a pregnant cat, 3 weeks before I am to MOVE into my new home!

Think it won't get any more crazy? You don't know me :) I get to work today and we have 6 Mac folks, 4 were out... one just walked in. Before he came in the other guy who showed up today had his hot water heater explode and he's made an afternoon appointment to have it fixed... but our boss said he can't go home since no one else came in. NOw he can since the other guy showed up, but we never had such mismanagement (like the guy whose been out 5 weeks for surgery... we didn't know till 3 days after he was out that anyone was to be covering his area) until the new boss they hired last year. UGH!

Sorry.. I hate to blow up.. but things be crazy and I just needed to "blog about it."

Thanks gang :)
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