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After looking through one of our new catalogs here at the shop i work for I found that I can get VW replacement cd changers for a good discount vs. buying one from a dealer.

These are direct replacements for the original version that came in the VW.

Prices are as follows:

If we get 1-3 buyers.......239.99 shipped
If we get 4-6 buyers.......229.99 shipped

www.motorsportsauthority.com is the shop address if any one wants to check it out.

I will be the first ont he list buying a changer for my 01 GLX

These changers will also come with the cable incase you have a vert and need to hook up behind the dash.

And these changers hook directly into the factory harness in the boot for those of us with a top.

email any Q's to [email protected]

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