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Hard to start?

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My daughters 2000 sport is hard to start some times when cold.took it to auto zone to check codes and I had 7 starting with p0725,p0420,p0322,p0134,p0117,p1116,p0411 I don't know witch one would cause the hard cold start?maybe none cold use some help trying to get her through college and replace all of thees at once .thanks for your time
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You can look up the codes here: ross tech wiki

Ross-Tech Wiki

Code P0725 / P0335 / P0340 - Crankshaft Positioning Sensor:

is a very good possibility your CPS/speed sensor is dying and will cause a no start or hard start condition.

16804/P0420/001056 - Ross-Tech Wiki

16706/P0322/000802 - Ross-Tech Wiki

P0134 O2 Sensor Sensor Circuit No Activity (02 sensor maybe failing or wiring issue)

16501/P0117 - Ross-Tech Wiki (coolant temp sensor maybe dying; also can cause hard start issue)

17524/P1116/004374 - Ross-Tech Wiki (pre cat 02 sensor bad/wiring problem)

16795/P0411/001041 - Ross-Tech Wiki (check secondary air injection for problems)
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Just changed crankshaft positioning senser is something else needing adjusted with this change
No, you could do a "hard reset" of the ecm; remove pos/neg battery cables from the battery and touch them together... for 30 seconds and that will clear the memory. Then you should be good; the car will have to be driven for awhile for the rediness/learning codes to be reset in the ecm.

Here is a good read; that gives you an overall idea about how the system works:

Coolant temp sensor not properly operating can fault the SAI, which can fault the o2's. The coolant temp sensor is prone to failure.

The CTS is cheap, easy to install, and most dealers have them on hand. Pick up a new retaining clip too.
Just changed camshaft senser didnt help hard starting problem what do you guys think I should change next thanks guys
Did you replace the camshaft position sensor or the crankshaft/speed sensor? Did you replace the coolant temp sensor; that can cause a hard start condition as well. Have you cleared the codes and see what codes have come back?

Checking the fuel pressure; but also be a good idea in that can progressively caused a harder and harder start condition. Feel pump is failing; eventually it will stop starting all. Definitely something to check and easy to do. A feeling she'll pump will typically not throw any codes.

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