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And just cuz he’s so darn cute, here’s a photo of my “Helper” for this project, Zack. His hands don’t even really fill up the palm space, but he just HAD to have every finger in the proper place in the glove.

(and of course, he wasn’t in there while I was actually painting, either.)


Time to start a new fashion trend?


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Love the wheels! Nice work!!!! :party:

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the old girl is still hanging in there. :p :d she's definitely got her issues, but slowly taking care of them. Of course, the ones that are coming up will be bigger projects. Think she's going to need a new clutch in the next six months, year at most. :eek:hnoes:
One year and ten months later (give or take a few days), and it’s finally done… :lol:

The clutch that was in it went in at the end of 8/08, so basically 9 years before that post, and nearly 11 years ago now. Based on my past experience with clutches, I never expected it to last nearly that long (especially after seeing the shape it was in when it came out), and I’ve had a replacement sitting on the bookshelf for at least 9 years :lol:.

Anyway, as I said in 2017, I thought it would need replacing “soon”. Lately I’d been getting more hard shifts and not great pedal response… not what I experienced with ‘slipping’ on a different car, just a bit of difficulty getting going in 1st because of how high on the pedal the “go point” is. (I know there’s better terminology for all this :lol: ) So in March when I was at my dad’s house and we were replacing the valve cover gasket (and timing belt\water pump while we at it) if he thought we could do a clutch replacement in his driveway. He said probably, but we were going to be going to my brother’s house soon for my niece’s graduation, and he has a lift and all the fancy tools.

In the meantime, I started getting a bit of clunking when shifting and I was thinking this was a symptom of the clutch getting worse. Then about 2.5 weeks ago, shortly before I was supposed to go to my brother’s house, the clunking got abruptly and significantly worse, and I thought “oh goodness, I need this thing to last another week!”… so I figured I’d check the fluid, just in case. Went and got an extra pair of jack stands so I could jack it up levelly and all that.

In doing so, I discovered what the real cause of the significant clunking was. It turned out that the dogbone bushings had completely disintegrated and the transmission had about 4” of front to back movement range :rolleyes:.

Of course, this was over the weekend, so I asked my dad what he thought about me driving it like that back down to my sister’s house that I was supposed to be returning to the following day to finish my wheels… and where I could walk into BFI and buy a new set of bushings without waiting for shipping. He said it should be ok since it was mostly highway, and just to shift slowly and carefully. Then recalled that this mount was on the car because the one the shop put on the car when they replaced the subframe (because it came still attached to the subframe from the yard they got it at) was missing the black extension piece that is the second attachment point to the transmission. That was replaced at his house quite a ways back and he remembered that I kept the one we took off. I managed to find it stashed away in a parts drawer and put it on the next morning. I figured having 1 attachment again for a little while was better than swinging around all over the place. (I was going to swap the bushing over into the full mount but couldn’t get them apart with the tools available at hand and no way to hold it for extra leverage.) Since the car was already jacked up, I checked the transmission fluid anyways. Felt like it could be a tiny bit low though not significantly… but I topped it up, just in case.

Turns out, it seems that the mount disintegrating was the source of the original slight clunking as well.

Look ma, no bushing!


The only bit of it that remained…


And all the debris I scraped out of the subframe…


So, now I felt confident that the car would survive the trip to my brother’s house. 😊 Made it there and had a successful graduation party (including some minor celebration of my birthday. :lol: ) and got her in the garage Sunday evening for work on Monday morning. Ollie and I ended up starting Sunday night by taking the battery and air filter out. In the morning, we carried on doing everything that could be done from the top of the car (with Dad supervising\advising), and when my brother was available to help get her lifted in the air, he did a lot of the stuff to get the axles out and the rest of the transmission unbolted from below. He and Dad then lowered the transmission out.


Dirty, but it’s out! And the rear crankshaft seal wasn’t leaking, so that’s good. (Dad thought there was a chance it was when we ended up replacing the valve cover gasket. Think most of the mess that led to that thought was coming from the right axle seal that I was told was leaking when getting her state inspection the day before driving to NY.)


Replaced a bunch of the parts inside there, mostly as “while you’re in there” stuff. The fork, clip, pivot, sleeve, and of course, the throw-out bearing.


The old Clutch Disk. My brother was impressed with the condition of it wouldn’t have replaced it in this state. Frankly I was shocked at how much was left on it. Of course, we went ahead and replaced it anyways after doing all that work :lol:

06OldClutch.JPG 07OldClutch2.JPG

And the old Pressure Plate (which gathered a bunch of dirt before the photograph. It was way cleaner when it came out)


I thought I had a picture comparing the old and new flywheels, but apparently I don’t. It looks basically identical to the single mass one I got to put in it, and between that and the springs on the clutch disk, I think I may have been driving for the past 10+7/8 years with a Stage 1 clutch kit without knowing it. :lol: Want to look up the part numbers on the old parts, but haven’t gotten to that yet.

After swapping all those parts out, the transmission got put back in and bolted up. (Which was fun because my brother, being a trained Auto\Diesel\Windmill mechanic, tends to just toss bolts on the floor\cart\wherever as he takes them out, where we, being less used to dealing with all these parts, try to do it a bit more organized and with labeling things. Matching new bolts with old bolts and putting them in the right locations was more interesting than strictly necessary, but we got it.)

Before putting everything else back together, we had a few other parts we wanted to put in. I’d gotten a metal coolant flange and thermostat housing to put on, which turned out to be a good thing because the o-ring on the flange was starting to get a bit drippy again. (The last time it was replaced was just before the clutch. I was on the way to get the coolant flushed after changing the last flange when the differential tore a hole in the transmission.) Turns out, one of the hardest parts of the whole job was getting to the stupid lower bolt on the thermostat flange. :rolleyes:

Shiny new flange, Ollie putting a hose back on, and apparently my hair in the way of the camera. :D


Then Ollie and I carried on with putting the shifter back together and the battery and air filter back in. That was when we called it a day as other plans were made for the evening.

Tuesday came the installation of my other birthday present.. new struts, and putting the axles back on. Dad took the lead on moving the springs over from the old ones after Ollie and I got the old assemblies out. Guess he felt more comfortable with using the spring compressors. (Putting the knuckles on the bottom of the new struts turned out to be a tie for the worst part of the whole job.)


And here, we have the carnage left behind.. fodder for the Used Parts “Christmas” Tree.


Just for fun, Stella with the Barn-Shop that has the fancy lift and tools. Would be great to get one of those. :lol:

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