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in the beginning, there was cute.

Baby Tabitha, Circa 1978-1980 sometime:

skip through a whole lotta awkward and a good case of the uglies.. and arrive at average.

senior pictures, late 1995:

freshman year at college, drawing class Late 1996/Early 1997:

Grad School ID Picture: Late 2000

Circa 2002:

Graduation, Circa 2004:

Shopping for Bridesmaids (Maid of Honor for me) Dresses for sister's wedding, circa 2005:

At the actual wedding (after ceremony, before reception):

Quite possibly the best picture ever taken of me, circa 2006:

And now, a tribute to wackyness....

Halloween is fun... here is my faery costume (made by me), and fun green hair:

what can be more fun that corsets? (also used in a halloween costume later)

Adventures in hair dye.. Bleached highlights and bubblegum pink under the back
(need to find a picture of the finished product, though... circa... January 2008)

And now... the Bin Bag Party!

The Story:
In 2001 I did a semester abroad at the Univerisy of Auckland, in New Zealand..
After the semester ended, I had a couple of weeks to travel around. I decided
to sign up with this company called "Kiwi Experience".. Basically
what it is, is that they have set bus routes scheduled all over the country.
You can buy a pass that will let you go along any of a number of routes, getting
on and off the bus as you like.. If you decide to stay someplace longer, you
just hop the next bus that comes through when you're ready to leave. Anyways,
on the South Island route I decided on, there's an area down at the arse end
of the country where, when you get near it, they tell you to make any phone
calls you need to before going on because there's no cell phone reception for
2 days worth of driving, at least. Also, there's actually only 1 place the bus
stops, with one place to stay (others usually had options). Since there is pretty
much nothing else to do, someone started a tradition a long time back... the
Bin Bag party. Everyone is given 1 bag to turn into a costume. There is a dollar
store nearby, I believe, where accessories can be bought, if desired. There
is a costume contest (1 girl winner, 1 guy winner), plenty of drinking, and
lots of fun had by all.. perhaps too much, in some cases. :D Mine was supposed
to be some kind of jungle warrior chick thing...

For the girls. the christmas tree standing next to me in our hostel room won..
for the guy, his costume was "The Great Gardener: The Gayest Superhero"
(my apologies to anyone who may be offended.)

Right: crazy Irish blokes and a couple'a pair of girls. The writing in the green
areas on the bags says the brand, which happens to be the Great Gardener.

Me, with the propietor of this fine establishment:

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in honor of the sorta recently passed halloween holiday, i give thee more costumes!

This was last year's, dubbed the "cotton candy fairy" by a friend of mine... First one is Tabitha (me) on the left, and Tabitha (not me) on the right.. :D Second one is just me, looking all blotchy and a wee bit drunk. :)

and this years costume, which i decided on because i got spiffy mouse ears when we went to disney and wanted to use them again. :)

for some reason i look about four and a half feet tall there.
probably the way my grandpa was holding the camera up in the air. oh well.

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and some other random pictures:

also at my sisters wedding... :rolleyes:

me, up in the sky,

(it' a bird!!!)

flying my:

(it's a plane!!!)

then back at the hangar:

(no... it's super tabitha!!!)

(i'll spare you all pictures of my bruise from a different jump)

a couple of weeks ago at the Carolina Panters vs. Kansas City Chiefs game,
wearin my nifty Pirate Princess hat I also got at disney. :)

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Picture i took at work a few minutes ago to show my hat off to someone. Figured I might as well share.


and apparently, the hat wasn't very visible in that one, even at higher res, so i took one of just the hat, and when i was putting it back on, accidently snapped this, which is totally funny\sassy. :lol:


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more crazy hat fun at kitty hawk kites:

My impression of the movie up!

my impression of the movie up!

so goofy, even *i* couldn't look!

pirate cowgirl??

arrrrrgh! I be a rrrrrreal pirate!

and every pirate needs a parrot, right?

you're under arrest, scalawag!
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