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has anyone ever experienced fan squeal in the AC?

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I have this obnoxious fan squeal intermittently when the fan is on speed 1 or 2. I don't want to invest time in taking it apart if it's too much trouble and inevitably going to happen forever. Anyone ever repair this on their own?
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I never had a squeal. But I did have a howling noise once. It was a dead fan. Might look into your fans when the AC is running and see if they are both working.

If you have the 3 wire plugs it's best just to replace the whole fan since they're fairly priced.

The small one in my car was squealing at random so I replaced it, After ten years I believe it was time. The big fan is not far behind and I am already looking at alternatives to fix that since It has the 4 wire plug...urrrgg!
Thanks for the replies. I haven't checked to see which one it is.
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