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Headlight assembly ??

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Hey friends Happy New Year!!
I have a 2002 Turbo and went to replace a high beam bulb and broke the release lever on the headlight housing.Im looking to buy a new pair of headlights ...any recommendations on the best deals??also I replaced that bulb and the high beam still did not work on that side ..I checked the fuses and they were good.I wouldn't think the replacement bulb was bad but I guess it could be..Is there anything else I can trouble shoot ?? Thanks !
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Make sure the light is seated correctly in the holder. If it does not make good contact with the connector all part of the lights don't work correctly( low beam, high beam or DRL) depending on which connectors have good contact.

Also make sure the connector is tight in the "bucket"assembly, they can get knocked loose or some of the clips break and the connector moves so the light does'nt want to make good contact.

The assembly with the release arm is a replaceable unit.
Volkswagen New Beetle 1.8T Lighting Headlights - ECS Tuning

Headlight housing assembly? you might need to find one at a salvage yard cause the dealer will eat your wallet. Try ebay. easy to remove just takes three Torx screws
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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