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Heater Core

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So if you have a heater core leak and no moisture is found on the carpet, just where does the coolant go? Would it go out the Evaporator drain?

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A sweet smell, or steam out of the hvac vents; would be a common sign of the problem. A pressure test,,is the best way; i have found, to pinpoint hard to find, coolant leaks.

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What symptoms are you experiencing and have you tried a cooling system pressure test?

I haven”t had to do a heater core replacement (yet); since the heater is not designed like à evaporator, maybe that is why there is no drain (like is needed for the a/c)?

If you suspect the heater core; you could bypass it and see if the coolant loss or interior symptoms disappear?

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This has been going on for quite awhile; this is a new thread (again), without the whole history of the overheating issue.

Why did you put the blue devil in originally; was there a specific cooling leak, that you were aware of? Did you pressure test the cooling system?

If you are thinking the heater core is leaking, you could bypass it and see if the smell, overheating issue goes away?

Good. video to review:

Well, you might review the checks shown in the video; see, if you notice anything, that indicates a problem? I usually, vacuum fill the cooling system and eliminate any possible air in the system, that way.

In a possible process of elimination; did the idle overheating issue, happen before the heater core was bypassed or after it was sealed with bluedevil, hooked back up again? As noted: if the heater core is suspect; you could by pass it again and see if things act differently?

When, you say “over heating “@ idle; how is it acting (boiling, fans kicking on, etc) and what coolant temps are being shown on a scan tool?

So far on the cooling system; what have you replaced or “fixed”:

Water pump
Flush/fill coolant
Sealed leaking heater core
Coolant temp sensor
Fan switch

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So, i guess, there was air; in the cooling system? Is the heater core; still steaming, leaking or smelling? I suppose, residual leaked coolant; could cause a sweet coolant smell, inside the car?

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