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Heater knob lights and more

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Our 1999 Beetle (TDi) was purchased in pretty beat up shape; but I've slowly got it back to reliable status.

I have been looking to see if there are options for dash lighting that might be a little brighter or change the colors? It came to me because the temp and speed selector knobs aren't lit on ours (burned out I'm asusming) but I thought since I'm going to be rooting around in there I'd see if I can change the color or make them brighter.

Thank you,
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There is a single bulb behind the fan speed knob that lights all the climate control unit. Turn the switch to speed setting 2 and used taped-up plyers to pull the knob straight out. I think the bulb is special and is a dealer item. There are several youtube videos. Just be sure to set the dial at 2 before pulling the knob.
The bulb can be found at any parts store. Sylvania 2723
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