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It is a 2006 New Beetle 5-cyl with Tiptronic transmission. Not turbocharged. Two door hatchback.

I would like heavier duty rear shocks to make it easier to carry more stuff in the back with the rear seat folded down.

Here is my idea:
1) The convertible New Beetle has heavier duty shocks all around.
2) They fit on the same frame underneath.
3) I'm thinking of installing shocks from the convertible on mine, but only in the rear.

My particular concerns are:

1) Maybe they don't really fit.
2) Doing just the rear might unbalance the car in some way.

If either is true or there's something else wrong with it please tell me.

I've already priced the shocks, so I know it's not an inexpensive proposition.

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Shocks just dampen the ride. Springs will lessen your sagging rear end. Do what I did and install convertible rear springs. I did just the rears only - tried the fronts too but it made the car look like a 4x4.

Good luck!!!:D
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