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Should I sell my 1973 super beetle?

Hello everyone, 02 New Beetle and 73 Super beetle owner

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Hi, I really like VW Beetles, thats why I have a 1973 Super Beetle and a 2002 New beetle. The 73 bug is a project, it only has a primer as of now. I will add more mods to my new beetle in the future.:)
Mods on the new beetle: Audi Fat fives 17" rims 3000k yellow hid low beam, 5000k hid foglights led tailights and window tint.
Mods on the 1973 Super bug, 3000k Hid, projector headlights,and T-shifter. The car came with the body kit.
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I vote keep the SB, and I agree with everyone else about the body kit and tail lights, that will be one sweet lookin bug though ;) :goodjob:

Oh and I LOVE your NB :heart: CYBER GREEN RULES!!!! I am a HUGE fan :thup: love what you've done with the tail lights, rims and the spoiler looks nice :D
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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