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Hello from England

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Hi, Im Adele from Yorkshire in England and I own a 2001 Rsi replica built by VW racing. Bert has the full VW original Rsi kit including wheels and VW race exhaust.. He has a few engine mods too :)
He gets quite a lot of attention and is pretty quick :)
I will try to post some more pics for you when I get chance...
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Welcome! Thanks for joining! Its always cool; to see, what people dots their New Beetles... across the pond! :)
New here myself. Also from the UK :D
Are you a member of evvo Andy?
Not that I'm aware of Adele. You may have seen me on the New Beetle Collective on FaceBook. I've noticed you on there :)
Welcome from Florida! You have a fabulous RSi clone, looking forward to seeing more photos.
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