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I live in a place where we get feet, yes, feet of snow. And the roads are usually full of potholes about 3 months out of the year during the months were there isn't any snow, due to the freeze-thaw cycles of the Spring.

I would love to get a Bug. They're reliable, fuel efficient, and easy to park. The only thing I'm concerned about is the ground clearance. Where I live, we get feet of snow. :confused: Again, not inches, feet. (Or for you folks in metric countries, our snow can be measured in double digit centimeters.)

I want to try to turn my bug into a Baja style bug, with tall, high performance shocks, so it would have enough clearance to go over the snow. I also want to attach bigger tires to the car, so I can be able to drive over potholes easier, and possibly get better traction on the snow.

Anybody who's from a true winter climate, can you tell me if this is a good idea? Would it affect the integrity of the frame? I was thinking about buying a Subaru Outback, but you can't find too many here on the secondary market. But you can find lots of Beetles.

And when I mean a winter climate, I mean places where you can theoretically drive a bug on a frozen lake without the ice cracking. We get high temperatures of -5F and 17" snowstorms at times.

I've had "winter tips" from people who live in milder winter climates before, and it screwed me over. I'm not trying to be rude, I'm trying to stress that that some people's idea of winter tips will likely not work in places with cold winter climates, and might end up literally killing them.
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