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HELP: 3.5 aux input

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I installed a 3.5mm aux input to the CD changer input for a 2000 NB. When I plug the 3.5 input to an iPhone it plays for a second, then the screen on the head unit flashes "no changer". Does anyone have a suggestion of how to get the head unit to play through the 3.5mm input?

the 3.5mm plug I bought
Audi MP3 iPod 3 5mm 1 8" Jack Audio Aux Input Cable Lead 8 Pin ISO US Seller | eBay

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I have a feeling it won't work because it won't interface with the head unit. Most other systems have a small box that come with them that, I assume, interface with the radio and make it think that it is hooked up to a cd player and display track information and song titles. This cable will not do that.
That link also says Audi, and they have different sound systems then VWs do.

To squirreljuice, I have one of those setups, but my Monsoon doesn't display track names or anything. But it doesn't regularly either. But mine does work. Mine plugs into amp in the trunk and fools the car into thinking I have a changer when I don't. Then I have an aux cable run from it to the front of the car for my mp3 player. The aux cable is a bit flakey, but the adapter works great.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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