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HELP Downpipe installation.

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Can someone point me in the right direction on how to install a Downpipe on a 1.8t beetle? Just bought a cat less Downpipe and want to install it this weekend. Any help would be AWESOME! THANKS!

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PB Blaster and YouTube.
I'm taking mine to the exhaust shop. Although I am having a custom 3" system installed too.
I wouldn't even consider attempting to remove a stock downpipe without a torch and an air impact. Also note that you need new nuts from the dealer.
Hmmm OK so I shouldn't do it? Is it that hard?

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When I did mine, one of the studs broke off the turbo. Had to drive it exhaust-less to a shop because we could NOT get it out, it broke clean off. I recommend getting all new studs lol.
did mine on jack stands with no torch, didnt replace my studs, or use air tools. WD40 and a socket.

Like 007, you might be ok. Simply because of the lack of rust. He's in TX, so not an issue. You're half way up the coast, it won't be as good as TX, but it will certainly be better than where I am!
Hmmm OK so I'll try it, I live in north Carolina but I used to live in new York, that's where the car came from. But is there any easy videos on it? Thanks for the advise guys.

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It's pretty self explanatory. Get under the back of the engine, spray the nuts liberally with penetrating fluid. I like PB Blaster. I suggest doing this a couple of times, driving the car in between to heat up the exhaust. Then, when you're ready to remove, spray again, while the pipe is warm. It will smoke, but won't burn. Use an air impact if you can. New gasket, new nuts. If you break a stud, you've got a lot more work involved. If you don't think a nut is going to release, stop, and get it to someone that has a torch setup.
Got it! Put it on last night! I used pb blaster, and a socket wrench. Also had to take off the axle shield, but I got it to work!! Here's the picture of the Downpipe I took of compared to the one I put on last night.

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Is there any performance benefit to upgrading the downpipe if the engine is running at stock specifications?

Sorry for being slightly off topic but I'm looking into getting the Magnaflow exhaust kit for my beetle and I'm curious if a downpipe upgrade will only be necessary if the car gets tuned?
A larger downpipe will definitely help, even on a stock car. I had a full 3" turbo back put on my car before any other mods, and it definitely woke the car up.
I put that Downpipe in and what a difference! I would suggest it to anyone!

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glad u got it on. i was starting to worry cause its such an easy mod to do. lol.;)

Glad you got it on.
We do them all the time at the dealer and PB Blaster is the man!

Looking forward to getting mine installed tomorrow.
Can't wait for the quicker spool up and kick ass sound.
It sounds amazing. Getting a stage 2 tone for my birthday ???

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Congrats on the install. It made a noticeable difference on my girlfriend's NB.
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