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Help. Had a P2015 code then they want to charge me over $3910.00???

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Do it yourself there are so many online videos.

As for the other stuff that's a joke lol New control arms are less that what they want for the bushings alone!!

You should call them back and say sure thing, book the car in, turn up and change your mind. Watch their faces

Carboning up of the intake/valves; is a known issue with these 2.0T motors. However, these type of repairs, could be done elsewhere by a independent vw repair shop or by yourself. Are you open to "diy" repairs or do you want a professional repair shop, to handle things?

What is your engine code; it should be on the sticker, on the valve cover or timing cover?
Here is some info; on common issues with the 2.0T:

VW and Audi Models with the 2.0T TSI engine

VW Beetle 2.0T TSI 2012-2013-2014-2015

2.0t TSI Engine Common Problems to Look out for on VW and Audi's - Articles - Deutsche Auto Parts

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In your other post: you mentioned, something about some warranty work that was done; fill us in, on the history of the vehicle and any repairs that have been performed, etc., thanks.
In your other post: you mentioned, something about some warranty work that was done; fill us in, on the history of the vehicle and any repairs that have been performed, etc., thanks.
It threw a P2015 code. They checked the vin. Covered under warranty. Intake manifold sensor. They tore it apart today, to fix that and then they came up with the list above.
Ugh, thats a tough situation; keep in mind, the VW dealership, is the highest cost for repairs out there. Is this your only vehicle or is this something that can be parked or down for while?; Are you open, to do some diy repairs or do you want to, have a pro shop handle things?
Ok, it sounds like you had the carbon cleaned and the sensor replaced, hopefully the intake issue was resolved? One, thing for sure; that is listed on your estimate, is the crankcase breather valve and this is a known issue (don't ignore this problem). I would definitely check, test and replace that if needed. This has been known, to cause a problem; where it will eventually blow out the engine rear main seal, which will cause a oil leak, unfortunately, replacement requires the transmission to removed, to replace the seal (a labor intensive; expensive repair).

Testing info:

Here is a video, about this valve; I think, you could do this at home and buy the part online, for less.

FCPEURO: sells this part and offer a lifetime warranty, on all the parts they sell, so it would be the last time you would need to buy it (if it ever fails again):

Audi VW Oil Separator - Genuine VW Audi 06H103495AH

NOTE: there does seem to be some info; about the latest revision, which looks like it may need a revised seal and possible ecu software update from VW. You might contact your VW dealer or talk to FCPEURO; about this replacement part and if you actually need to do the seal, software update.

Before installing this updated breather, please inspect if your current breather has a "Clear Top" or a "Black Top". If your vehicle currently has a "Black Top" and you would like to update your breather to the "Clear Top" you will need to install an updated front crank seal and update the ECM software level at your local dealer. If your vehicle already has the "Clear Top" breather this is a direct replacement and no further actions are required.

Updated Front Crank Seal: 06L103085B

Perform Inspection Of Current Breather To See If Your Vehicle Is Equipped With a "Clear Top" or "Black Top"
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Another option, it seems; is to just replace the valve itself, which is sold by Dorman or RKXTECH, Dorman quality has historically been hit or miss; the RKXTECH, kit is actually made in Germany, so that would probably be the better quality repair kit. These repair kits are cheaper and do not require disassembly of the whole replacement part but just pop off the valve/cap, replace and reassemble.

Dorman PCV Valve Diaphragm Repair Kit - VW/Audi / 2.5L / 2.0T Part# 917064

RKX VW & Audi 2.0T TFSI Upgraded PCV Valve Repair Kit:


NOTE: if you join the rkxtech newsletter; you get a 10% off coupon on your first order:

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I can’t even with this dealership. This is a thing with Neillo VW , Audi and VOlVO. To had her checked we are draining the coolant and replacing. Other wise VW mechanic said fine. Ugh
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Ok, so you refused most, of the service recommendations BUT you did have the carbon cleaning done, (also they did the warranty repair, for the intake manifold)?

Where are things as they stand now; are you going to get a second opinion (already did that?) or start addressing issues yourself? I'm wondering about the "contaminated coolant"; how does it look and does it seem mixed with the wrong coolant (ends up looking brown/red; can coagulate with debris showing up in the coolant bottle) or mixed with something like oil, etc?

As noted before: the PCV is a common issue for these 2.0T's and if ignored, can cause the rear main seal to blow, requiring a trans pull. I would address the PCV issue; (ASAP)!, note the info I posted before, repair kits are cheaper or replace the whole assembly.

They mention a DSG fluid change; that is said to be important, you might want to address that, as well. Blauparts, is good for service kits like that, check FCPEURO, as well:

We are here to help and support you; let us know, if want to discuss needed repairs or testing, inspection or confirming the VW dealer "diagnosis/evaluation/repair recommendations", moving forward. Thanks.
Have you reviewed the links above for the videos and related info? The 2.0T is known for the pcv valve/oil separator failure, and should be replaced or a repair kit installed. PCV=Positive Crankcase Ventilation

Positive crankcase ventilation (valve)

Give us a status update on all work performed and how the car is running at this time. Do you have access to a scan tool?
Running like a dream. No codes.
I would start working down the list of issues brought up, in the vw dealership, work order, bill you posted; see if they need addressed. Have you chocked the pcv valve yet? I would at a bare minimum; replace the valve with a $20 repair kit, as soon as possible. Neglecting to replace a bad; pcv (valve), can blow out a rear main seal, requiring a trans pull, to fix and replace that.
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