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HELP HELP HELP Beetle 2004

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i own a new beetle 2004 1.6 petrol engine doing just 36600 km
a couple of weeks ago i started having trouble with epc light coming out i had the codes checked out and the guy said it was a faulty accelerator pedal needed to be change but its not available and i am waiting for it to arrive on 2 may and kept driving my car normal but with drop in power

after a while i refilled the car and the epc light went after it and sort of comes on very rarely but i can still fell the effects of the broken accelerator with out the electronic drop in power

after i while of driving i started noticing a weird smell coming into the car when i accelerate above 2000 rpm something not very nice i am worried ever since and there is even a more drop in power but doesnt feel electronically induced this time

PS not AC its broken and hasten been working for some time

i tried goin to vw repair centre but my repair date is on 4 may an i just wanna know what problems i am dealing with here

BTW the ac doesn't give out any more cold air but instead a bad smell(close to that smell of accelerating engine) and and sort of makes a retelling sound from the passenger side i checked under the bonnet to see if the compressor works the pulleys do rotate
and when it used to work the ac would send out a very horrible smell when on air recirculate

thank you guys i know i have slot of questions but just help me out here
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