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Help help. Lugs are stripped

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So I had this bright idea of trading my wheels for another set, long story short the guy stripped my lug nuts, and I ended up keeping my wheels.

So here's the catch, my first three to four threads are stripped out on the front lugs, And everytime I drive I have to get out and tighten them up. I think the threads are the only thing that are stripped out, but only certain lugs fit in certain holes in the hub. Im a bit skittish about driving it bc I'm afraid the wheel is going to fall off.

Anyone know what I should do? I've even tried to use blue thread lock, still comes loose. Any help please would be appreciated

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Man, do not know what to tell you other than get this mess figured out.

Buy a tap for the hub threads and then chase/clean up the hub threads and buy new lug nuts.

But are the wheels correct for your car/hubs?

You may have multiple problems?

Might even need to install Helicoils in the hubs, replace the hubs or install a stud kits?

Does not sound wise to drive the car at this moment?
Yea dude that was recommended to me so far, but it's not my wheels I've had them on there for about a year now, and I have to drive it, is my only vehicle, and I can't afford another one. A minimum wage job sucks.

But where can I buy the taps?

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