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Hi Fellow Enthusiasts!

I'm a relatively new member of the forum - having purchased a used (okay - kind of abused) 2006 NBC for my daughter as her first vehicle.

MY first car was a 71 VW Bus - - and I have to say that while my experience with the NBC is more challenging than what I had 30+ years ago...I've found great support and guidance from posts on this forum. THANK YOU!

I'm writing now for some help with the turn signal on the passenger rear-view mirror. It does not work.

The motor DOES work - so I do not believe a fuse is the issue. I checked the circuit with a meter and it is not getting any power - so I don't believe it is the LED module (I'm a mechanical engineer - but I recall that LEDs like this don't fail too often...)

Any guidance or suggestions from others on what to check? I don't have the detailed repair manual - so not sure how this is wired into the rest of the system....

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

-John in SoCal (Pasadena)
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