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Help please! After changing the headlight bulb, the passenger side headlight assembly

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became loose(after tighten that screw that keeps the headlight locked). The thin metal lever that helps to hold the assembly in place seems to be a little bit loose too, doesn't do anything if I press it down and release it. I've changed the headlights maybe twice over the past 8 years(this is a 2006 model) and the first time everything went fine. This time however the assembly is loose, and i have to literally push the lamp in order to make it lights up, and once I remove the pressure on the lamp it goes out. This is very inconvenient and unsafe for me to drive at night, not to mention it will not pass the inspection. Is there a cheap way to fix it? I don't want to bring it to the mechanic if I can fix it myself.
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I had the same problem

Had to push the light in to get it to work. By the next day it was loose and off again. I don't remember exactly how, but I cut loose the connector that attaches to the back of the light. That way, you can seat the connector on the light and then re-insert the whole assembly back into the car. There is just enough slack in the wire harness to do this (and if you have small hands). If you search my posts, there might be some more detail.
Thanks! I followed the tip and now it's all good

Removed the socket and plugged it in the headlight assembly, then inserted the headlight assembly into place. All good now. Thanks.
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