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I am "trying" to replace my rear speakers in my '99 NB. I have tried searching this site, but the search engine on this site is hard to utilize, imo. Even the old site, I found info on, but nothing in detail on this matter.

In the service manual it says to remove the rear seat cushion AND backrest. In a post I read, the person said there was no need to remove the backrest. I dont see how you can.
next, it says I need to remove the inner door seal from pillar-B. OK, when in the manual it says to remove the pillar trim, the first step is "remove rear side panel."

yeah, so then it says to remove the D-ring of front seat belt................
This is making me frustrated, all the posts I read, say nothing of this. They claimed it just "pops right off."
I dont see that happening.

Some one please help me. :confused:
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