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help wifes bug has issues

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Ok so reccently married and wife has a 2006 new beetle 5 speed manual trans 2.5l have had check engine issues took her to dealership in modesto ca they are crooks and their word is absolutely no good. They say that diagnostics charge of 120 will be taken off repairs if we have them do the repairs then give inflated estimate and take the 120 off estimate. 530 estimate to replace valve cover when they say it takes 1.5 hrs and part is 245.00 beware they like to play word games so now I do not trust going back to anyone whose word is not good.

check engine light came on two days later then went back off a day after there were pcodes p2279, p0068, p0507, most could be caused by leaking pcv i get that they also recommend replacing the vacuum pump as it is "leaking oil" My gut says maf issue any advice here since i cannot trust dealership and I am not familiar with vw's
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This is a particularly common issue with the 2.5L; the PCV fails in the valve cover and generally requires the replacement of the whole assembly from the VW dealer! Thankfully, DORMAN has come up with a valve replacement kit for less then $30 and you can do the repair in less then 15 minutes or so, YOURSELF with minimal tools. This part; can be purchased or ordered at your typical auto parts store or online, at places like rockauto or amazon.com. I have done the repair myself and it wasn't hard, didn't take very much time to complete.


Check out more info here:


Your trouble codes; are typical, for this issue (they most likely; will be resolved with the replacement of the PCV diaphragm in the Dorman repair kit):

18711/P2279/008825 - Ross-Tech Wiki

16452/P0068/000104 - Ross-Tech Wiki

16891/P0507/001287 - Ross-Tech Wiki
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