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Help With ABS 01316

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Hey Lads,

I am down to my last major piece of work to on the beetle for my son.

This is completely random with the ABS warning.
At times the ABS light is on, other times it comes on and chimes with the brake warning light and other times it doesn't happen at all or turns itself off.

The only stored code is 01316
ABS Control Module

Is it fair to think that the module is losing power on its incoming connector or possibly bad solder joints inside the module itself?

Haven't checked anything yet so this is grassroots for this problem.

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01316 - Ross-Tech Wiki

I would start with the basics; check the wiring harness to the ABS module for damage (plug, pins bent, wiring harness cut, insulation damaged etc.).

If you have VCDS; you can try to read the measuring blocks and try to communicate with the ABS module, to troubleshoot the problem.

NOTE: There was a recall; on some of the New Beetles for the ABS unit itself (call your dealer; see if there is a recall for your car; be sure to have your VIN # handy).

The board; that the connector is plugged into, was known to have wiring failures in the VW Mark IV ere cars. Because, of the high cost of a new one; there are many companies, that will rebuild/repair it for a reasonable price. BBA REMAN on eBay; is one of many, that offers this service. This also; has the added benefit of not having to do any coding, matching or messing with bleeding of the brakes, if you replaced the whole ABS unit.

The rebuild service price; has come way down and is less than $100, you might contact these vendors and see what they have to offer.

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Thank you as usual Billy.

Will look into all of this.

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