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Help with convertible skid plate.

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I have a '04NB convertible that I'm "reconditioning" for my daugters 16th birthday.

I've had to remove the bolts from the skid plate. The bolts were stripped out and had to be removed using tools that basically destroyed the bolt heads. My question is were can I find replacements. I've searched all over even went to the dealership. They keep pulling a part number that comes back some kind of plastic skidplate. Mine is a heavey metal one. I also need screws to attach the skid plate to the side plastic "sound dampeners". There is also some sort of clip that goes on the plastic to allow the screw a purchase point.

It has 6 large bolts that attach under the front bumber and to the supports that come down from the engine compartment. Looks like they may have been a spline type head. It has two larger bolts that attach the rear of the plate to the frame and 8 smaller torx type screws to attach the plastic side panels to the plate.

The part # I have is 1YO-825-235-F
I have found the skid plate in my search, just can't find the screws and bolts.

Any help would be appreciated!


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It could be that the metal plate is only used on the Convertibles (Cabrio) for your model year. Either there is a problem with the parts catalog, or the guy at the parts counter wasn't entering your car into the computer as a Convertible.

If it were me, I'd take what's left of the old bolts to a place like NAPA Auto Parts and buy the correct size bolt from them (even if the head is different). On mine, one of the bolts was clearly replaced in this manner because the head is different than the other (OEM) fastener.
Wow! Thanks JEFF2!

I guess I got so focused on getting the correct part with all the different variations on the same vehicle that I lost sight of the simple fixes.

Talk about not seeing the forest for all the trees!

This is my first New Beetle and man is it a learning experience!
The important thing here is that the bolts are surely metric, so steer the auto parts guy to the metric bolt section of the auto parts store.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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