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help with door latch part#

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hey guys ready to put on my new door but wanted to get a new latch,but i cant find the part number on the old one,any help with that or if u can tell me from my vin? i`ll be glad to send to u? its a 98 beetle,2.0 automatic drivers door,manual window any help is appreciated....i tried ordering one off ebay and he said it wouldnt fit mine but couldnt tell me which one i needed?
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There seem to be a lot of variations of the part depending on central locking or not, "radio remote" or not, whatever that is, and left or right drive (lhd or rhd).

door latch?

appreciate the link but im still confused as to which one to get? they dont have a way to put ur vin in to detemine that...that what im hoping for u guys tell me exactly what part i need to order thru my vin or description? i guess if u cant then i can call vw to see what they say just tryin here 1st thnx bb heres my vin by the way 3VWBB61C0WM047272 and just to be clear i used the number 0 notr the letter in here? and i have manual windows,no remote didnt come with when i bought car,and unknown if i have remote radio what is that ? :confused:
door latch

ok found out today from vw dealer that the part# i need is #3B1837015E my question now is can anybody get me an interchange list for this number,so i can go on ebay and shop for one? cause the dealers price is just way to high and takes 2 daz to order.any help is once again appreciate thnx troy..and the reason for the interchange list is all the ones on ebay are the same number just end in aj,ak,a,or no letter at all im just wanting to know if i can use one of those cause they are over a 100 dollars cheaper than the dealer? thnx
ECS has them for $114:

Home Page ES#3331 Driver's Side Door Latch Assembly - 3B1837015E

The same part may be used on several models. As long as all the digits are the same including the letters at the end the part will be the same. I wouldn't trust any other designation to interchange.
door latch

ok thnx for that now let me ask u this,all the junkyard doors are power windows at least at this time,if i go pull a latch off a 98 beetle power window door will it work with my manual window door? and just curious so i can see...........does anybody here know what the letters stand for at the end of part numbers or where to find out? cause all these part numbers...3B1837015AS / 3B1837015AK / 3B1837015J
DLA1068 /
3B1837015 / say they will fit my 1998 beetle on ebay,but they r all different letters at the end? heres a link to just one of many ads im looking at thnx troy

Door Lock Actuator Latch VW Front Left Driver Side 3B1837015 New | eBay
The parts database doesn't make any distinction between power or manual windows so I think they should work. As far as I know all US Beetles have central locking so you should be good there too. Check the part number when you pull it.
latch help

hey red, well i just got a reply from one of the ebay sellers that was selling one,but the part numbers ended in all letters but mine lol anyway he said he didnt see any reason it wouldnt work and to buy it and if it didnt then he would give me a full refund so i might try that route,since im scared if i buy a used one i might run into the same problem that started all this,which was the latch locked to the point where i couldnt open my door at all,and i`ll be damned if i want to cut another door up just to get in lol,but thnx i got the good link from u if all else fails and im pretty sure from talking to u and others that they are all pretty much the same,since they all list the same part# just different letters at the end,im thinking those letters might just be a way to apply to different models even thou they have the same functions? anyway if i have to cut off the new door i`ll let u know :D thnx troy
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