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After being out of a New Beetle, I have returned. I purchased a 2006 Harvest Moon Beige TDI Coupe Pkg 2 on 5/6/06. His name is Tater!

  • 6 Speed Automatic Tiptronic DSG transamission
  • Black Leather seating areas
  • Total Black interior with Cream headliner and seat belts
  • Monsoon with XM - Single CD and MP3 plug
  • Sunroof
  • 1.9L TDI engine - 100 HP
  • Rain sensing wipers
  • Heater washer nozzles
  • 17" Octopus wheels
  • Rubber Mats option

I have only a few mods planned for this car. One is already done. I added a TDI badge to the rear under the VW emblem. I'm not a fan of the T shifter so that may change. I would like to put on a wind deflector. I had one on my last 2 bugs and loved it.

Now for the pictures!


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Hello Sue;

The Beetle sure looks good in your driveway. Reminds me of my visit when Stitch was in the garage. Nothing like Texas beef. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

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I bet you are glad you got a TDI eh?

Enjoy! doesntlook like Juggbugg to me..

looks like Hestersu's car :) I bet rocketchip stage 2 is in your future :) really wakes up the PD TDI.


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BeAUtuhfull! (think Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty) With the sun on him, he looks like an angel!:angel: Your reflection in the paint and the badge looks neat. I'm sure you will have lots of years/miles together!


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Thanks everyone! I am so loving this car. The TDI badge came from www.worldimpex.com. They had them on sale a week or 2 back for $5. Snapped one up. I see them occassionally on ebay. I think www.tmtuning.com has them as well.

The wheels are one of my favorite items. I love 5 spoke wheels. These are just great. Easy to clean.

Aaron - not sure about chipping the car. I'm not in to speed - just good mileage. I need to research this but right now, I would say no to that kind of a mod.

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Guess what?! I :heart: it!!! I think the Harvest :moon: is just so super sex-ah! Me and Juggy wish you and Tater many, many happy miles!!

Good choice! :wink: LOL
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