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Hey guys

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Been lurking for ages just realised I've never joined so hello from Scotland

Ive got a 2003 pd100 alaska green tintop. Done la few wee bits to it but it's more of a daily driver than a seriouse project.
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PD 100, that would be diesel, correct? I like the characterization of “tin top” , so many people have issues with sunroofs across all manufactures that I’ve decided that I will not intentionally buy a car with a sunroof ever again and definitely not a “pano” roof. After the first couple of weeks of having a sunroof the novelty wore off and I never use it anyway.
My wife has an 01 beetle tdi with the alh Diesel engine, my daughter has an 03 Jetta diesel with the same engine, I drive an 05 Golf with the BEW PD engine all 5 speeds and all with sunroofs.

The beetle sunroof has a small leak, the Jetta sunroof opens at random times by itself. I pulled the sunroof fuse for the Jetta but I have not had a chance to track down the leak on the beetle other than clean out the drain tubes which did not help so it may be leaking somewhere else
1 - 3 of 10 Posts