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Hey guys

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Been lurking for ages just realised I've never joined so hello from Scotland

Ive got a 2003 pd100 alaska green tintop. Done la few wee bits to it but it's more of a daily driver than a seriouse project.
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So, give us more info on your New Beetle; is it a V5 Sport model?

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Na it's a tdi 5 speed pd100 model. I think it was a fairly base spec car on reflection I have actualy changed a few bits on it.

Just fitted the turbo sport bumper, the spoiler was a amazon job. Style 132 19x9 and 19x10s. Detachable tow bar ( it's a workhorse first 馃ぃ) fitted a egr bypass and upgraded the ic pipes into the manifold to match also ran a boost gauge piping but not actualy fitted it yet.

a heated beetle leather out a 1c. (I had mk4 leather recaros out a 4 door in it for a while but i got sick of not being able to fold the front seats.) I kind of fancy mk1 or 2 tt front seats because the 1c comfort seats are rotten compared to the recaros. 3 spoke mk4 gti wheel, I've been working on a 3 gauge holder for the dash I plan to run water temp, oil pressure and boost. Also fitted the Ali express doubldin din head unit dash and stereo. Color coded bits of the dash to match the car.

Underneath is fairly standard. Fitted cheap coilovers all new bushes, bearings, turbo spec hubs and brake calipers with 312 drilled and vented disks. Painted the calipers vrs green.

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Yeah man in the uk the pump duse turbo diesel engines seem to be charicterised by the power output. There's loads pd100/pd115/pd130/pd150 to name a few. but my one was the poverty spec base model car far as I can see.

Uks the same it mainly rains here or is just cold most of the time proberly between - 3c and +10c aside from a month in summer where it'll maybe hit 30c.

The tin top comes from when i owned a mk1 golf/rabbit. Tin top or rag top was how they were described on the forums I kinda liked it so it stuck 馃ぃ
Sorry for the slow reply smashed my screen!

Oh man it never stops馃槶 the mk4 platform seems to have either very good wiring or very faulty. Can't go wrong with the vag tdi engines we used a few of them in private hire taxis between passats and octavia.

Ive got a t4 ive just fitted a 1z into just got to finish the wiring and we're away. And my fav is a mk1 golf 3dr tintop 馃ぃ with a agu fitted. Keeps you busy spannering away馃ぃ all need love
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Thanks man fitted a set of grey electric s3 recaros over the weekend just need to figure out the back seat next 馃ぃ
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