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hi new here from Saskatoon, SK

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Got my wife a 2000 bug yellow she loves it. Got problem with the 12v power outlets not working tried looking for a fuse but can't seem to find one for them anybody help me ?
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Welcome to the Org, :wave2: and Welcome to the New Beetle! :party:

I am no mechanic, but someone will see this, and help you out. :)
I'm sorry I can't help you out, but wanted to say welcome to a fellow Canadian! ☺ I hope someone else bumps in who can help!

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I have the mechanical aptitude of a tadpole, but most Orgers are well-versed. Welcome to the best water-cooled Beetle site on the planet! I'll put in a word over on our Facebook page and try to steer someone over here to help.
Mine, stopped working and it ended up being a blown fuse. Check your fuses; behind the small door on the drivers side dash when you open the door. Sometimes; junk can get in there (coins, paper clips; metal objects, bad plug in devices) and this will blow the fuse, so check for debris and whether or not your power adapter is working or falling apart. Cheap charging or electrical device adapters, may cause problems or I have had them break apart, cause grounding out issues.

Look at #41 shown here: http://newbeetle.org/forums/1-8-liter-turbo/44812-fuse-box-diagram.html

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What he said...^^^^^^^
Welcome to the org!

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BTW.....is it May yet!?!?
Thanks billymade will look at that fuse when I get back home and let you know the out come, thanks for the warm welcome
Checked the fuse and it was blown and you know I looked at the fuse card and didn't see it !!!! But all is well thanks again
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