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Hi New Owner

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Hi All,

I'm the new Owner of a blue 2.0 year 2000 Beetle :)

I'm picking it up on Saturday and have already had a look at a number of articles here, I have many of the common problems reported (aircon issues - engine light on).

It reassuring to know that many of you have overcome these issues and kept their Bugs running.

I'm certain to be posting soon.

I would just like to thank you all for making the forum so comprehensive and helpful to first time owners.

Thanks again.

All the best.
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Welcome, be sure to post some pics of your New Beetle. Be sure; to start a thread about your repairs; in the appropriate area and we will do our best to help you, fix your "bugs" in your New Beetle! We are all here to help! :)
Thanks for the welcome!

I'm sure the posts will be coming in thick and fast once I start to work on the Beetle.

All the best.
Welcome aboard the org.
Thank you for the welcome.

Picked the car up today - great fun driving home.

Got some urgent work to so tomorrow on the inside cleaning up the interior and cleaning up the paintwork (clay bar and wax).

I'll post up once I have the car in a presentable state.

We have a 2000 Bug, had the turbo replaced 3yrs ago.
Son just picked up a '96 Golf Harlequin last week from Kentucky.
I'm glad you had fun with it already! I never get tired of seeing or riding in my little green frog-legged beetle.

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