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high RPM, slow engagement

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I'm still very new to many car issues.

I have a '02 1.8T. I took her to get an oil change and tires rotated and when I got her back it takes about 5000 RPM to engage into the next gear or to even accelerate in the current gear-- RPMs jump rapidly with slight push on the gas.

I've had her for over two years now and had no warning signs of a slipping clutch, the (Goodyear) mechanic was talking about his VWs and how he keeps looking for new ones-- and I get mine back with a new problem :/

start up idle is normal (1200) drops to ~800 after warmed up.
1st and (half the time) 2nd gear don't have quick raising RPMs.
It takes about a minute to get 0-60 because of the raised RPMs and lag of "catching"

I hope it's a simple fix similar to changing idle RPMs...

Help :(
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Yeah Ican find someone... for what ever reason I'm the only one in my family that became interested in working on cars :cool:

Are you aware off the bat if there may be a sensor issue? CSP sensor?
no codes present- I just replaced my fuel pump relay earlier this month and it took away all the codes I did have (9 of em..).
P0414 - secondary air injection system switching valve A circuit shorted
P0010- Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit / Open bank 1
P0418- Secondary air injection system control A circuit
P0445- Evaporative Emission System Purge control valve circuit shorted
P0037- Ho2S heater control circuit low bank 1 sensor 2
P0264/P0270/P0267/P0261- cylindar (2, 4, 3, 1 respectively) injector circuit low

I pulled the codes when my car didn't turn on twice in one week. and a few times in the 6 months prior I lost power while driving (I replaced all coils and spark plugs when I lost power driving a couple times)
yeah I've talked to two today from here and in Santa Cruz that I've worked with before- I have a feeling after this fix is going to be a new cat- I figure if I'll have her for another 20 years I might as well start off knowing extactly what's being done...

much to learn..
Thank you for your input today it has definately helped :) :)
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