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Horn stopped working after replacing turn signal relay

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Recently I replaced my turn signal relay. Shortly after doing so, I noticed my horn had stopped working. Could the horn problem possibly be related to the turn signal or is this just a coincidence?

I bought the replacement relay on eBay. It works fine and looks exactly like the old one, although it makes a different/quieter sound when it is working.

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Well, you could put your old one back in and see if the horn works then? What brand was the relay; some people, have had problems with non oem relays/parts. You could also; hook up your horn to the battery and see if they work. Start with the basics; see if you are getting power and check your fuses. Check out the manual for troubleshooting and repair, info:

Volkswagen Workshop Manuals
The horn is powered directly through the ignition switch so it shouldn't be affected by any relays.
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